Holy Motherboard!

I wanted to announce openSUSE’s release of 10.3 and all the many new changes and improvements; however, the release was almost three weeks ago, and as time has worn on, I’ve felt more and more obligated to do a full fledged review and not just an announcement. Crunched for time and inspiration, I have managed to dig up a rather interesting find in the world of motherboards. The official announcement can be found on openSUSE News.

Asus is releasing a brand new motherboard based on Intel’s latest X38 chipset that includes an embedded Linux system with Skype, a stripped-down version of Firefox, and even on board wireless N. This development is exciting because it offers basic every day use of the computer essentially without turning it on! Even though the P5E Deluxe is a high end desktop motherboard, there’s definitely an unspoken possibility to include this feature in Laptops to come.

The full article can be read here.